Gentiles Receive the Spirit – Acts 10:44-48

bihs-4We are often called to do things we don’t really understand (more evidence God has a sense of humor). Time and time again God acts in ways that simply do not make sense to us. How many of us have been asked the question, “If your God is so loving, why does He let things like natural disasters, murder, or rape happen?” No one but God can answer question like that. However, somewhere it works into the greatness of His loving plan for our salvation. For an answer all we have to do is look to the Bible. Scripture teaches that these kinds of vile occurrences will happen more frequently before Jesus comes back for the Church (Mk. 13:7-13ff). Their questions should not be why does God?, but rather, what do I do next. My pastor once told me God tests, but Satan tempts. The point here is that God is testing both the person and society. What will your next decision be? Will you continue to follow the temptations of the enemy, which lead only to death? Or, will you turn from those temptations and place your trust in the One who truly saves, Jesus Christ?

Just like Peter, we have no idea what to expect when we enter into the homes of the unbelieving. However, because we are filled with the Spirit of God, we know that He will provide for us the words and actions we need to bear witness to the mercy and grace that God freely gives to anyone who come to Him. Imagine what might happen to America if every confessing believer stepped out boldly and lived the life that Jesus commanded us to live; putting the need of God and our neighbors before our own, and teaching all peoples what he taught us. Peter stepped out in faith that day walking into the home of an enemy combatant, and was rewarded with bringing an entire household to be baptized in the Holy Spirit.

Stepping out starts first in our homes, with a godly marriage between husband and wife, in which both demonstrate for their children how to be a man or woman of God. Learning to love as Christ loves the Church begins with parents teaching their children what unconditional love looks like. That means, Dads, it is time to step up and openly love your wife, and children in ways that they won’t miss. The same goes for Moms, and children. When love is demonstrated in our homes, it will be demonstrated in schools, our places of work, and our social activities. It also brings the joy of the Lord to all you may meet. Joy, true, godly joy spreads like wildfire. When people seek the joy you have, opportunities to share the gospel open up, and you bring more souls into the Kingdom. More people are filled with the Holy Spirit, and pass that joy on to their families, friends, and enemies.

Loving Spirit-filled homes make for a loving Spirit-filled, God fearing nation; “One Nation Under God.”

Heavenly Father,

I humbly come to you this day in praise and thanksgiving for all You have done for me and my family. Help me to be a better spouse and parent, so that my house might be forever Spirit-filled. May Your grace, and mercy flow out of my home affecting all that come in contact with my family, so that they will know You are present in their lives. Place a hedge around my home to keep the enemy from entering, let no cracks appear that can leave opportunity for the Devil to tempt my home and family. Empower us all to bear witness to Your Gospel, so that souls can be added to the kingdom.

In Jesus Name I pray,



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